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In this image, targeted nanoparticlesÑeach about 1/100 the size of a human cell and engineered to be stealthy within the bodyÑdeliver high doses of chemotherapy to cancer cells. A team of researchers led by Omid Farokhzad at Brigham and WomenÕs Hospital and MIT Institute Professor Robert Langer have demonstrated the precision required to engineer a nanoparticle that is effective in targeted drug delivery. Details of their work were published in the January issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

We utilize incredible new nanotechnology, developed a new line of nutritional supplements called Nanoceuticals. There is a significant importance of a nanosize micronutrients and vitamins when consumed. It reduces the surface tension of foods and supplements to increase wetness and absorption of nutrients. Nanoparticle sized ingredients increase the functionality or bioavailability of ingredients and nutrients, and thereby minimize the concentrations needed in the food product.
The ultimate aim is to develop formulations with enhanced active bioavailability. This is simply a matter of increasing the rate of dissolution and through controlled release. Working with our partners, we are able to investigate bioavailability and understand the pharmacokinetics of active ingredients in shrimp digestive system. Increase bioavailability of vitamins and minerals has shown healthy and better growth in our field trials.