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IgY antibodies are specific with high agglutinating ability provide opportunity to control infection. IgY offers the possibility of using specific IgY for passive immunization, which is a particularly useful method to invertebrates lacking a true adaptive immune response system. The acquired IgY passive immunity is effective against vibrio infection in shrimp when feed with specific IgY antibodies. The acheter du cialis en ligne biological activity IgY against vibrio field isolates are used in our formulation. There is great neutralizing and agglutinating potential for vibriosis control in shrimp gut.

Similarly we have used neutralizing property of IgY antibodies for viral diseases control in shrimp. High potential of virus neutralization is used for its therapeutic potential. These antibodies are absorbed through gut and found in hemolymph. Circulating IgY antibodies are effective to neutralize viral entry to shrimp tissue.