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Feed contributes to more than 50% of the cost of production in intensive aquaculture systems. Feed consumption drastically reduced during diseased condition of shrimp. Attractants are mainly used to enhance feed intake and growth in farmed aquatic animals especially when animal is sick. This can be achieved by use of feed attractants to enhance feed intake, growth and nutrient utilization in aquaculture practices.
Feed attractants are phyto-chemicals which make animal to orient towards the source of these chemoattractant. By enhancing feed consumption, the survival can be increased, shorten the production intervals and reduce wastage of feed that deteriorate the water quality. Although, a variety of feeding stimulants and attractants have been identified for shrimps most of them belong to small groups of chemicals such as free amino acids, nucleotides, nucleosides and quaternary ammonium compounds. The feed attractant used in our formulation contains combination of natural flavor extracts and natural attractants.